Clear common sense teaching with techniques which bring CONFIDENCE and clarity to the discerning medium.

Suitable for all levels of perception from beginners to more experienced.

All sessions are tailored to the individuals perception, understanding and stage of development.

Each class is of one hour duration with both a theory and practice on specific Mediumistic disciplin.

Client has access to practice sittings with other mentorship clients outside of the individual classes. This is not compulsory as some clients are professional mediums and have practice opportunity.

Training is ongoing and constructive advice given during the individual sessions.

Should a client have to cancel an appointment it is rescheduled. You don’t loose the appointment.

Sessions are in blocks of 5 or 10 hours.

Client can email Matthew between sessions with any questions on their development.

All done in the privacy of your own home through Skype.

A free no obligation skype call is arranged to discuss in more detail.

We train Attunement practices, Mental Mediumship for platform and or private sittings. Trance Mediumship in speaking, communication and healing. Spiritualist philosophy and public speaking. Helping teachers to teach the subject matter. Plus personal understanding of the relationship between client and the spirit team who work with them.

The sessions are scheduled on a one to one basis. Each client is helped according to their perception, understanding, and individual needs. The training is tailored to specific areas of Mediumistic unfoldment. Initially we arrange a free no obligation skype call to discuss the logistics.

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